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2 Jun 2015

I recently tried a free trial edition of a desktop calendar for Mac. This is my review of it.

I am an architecture. And quite embarrassing for me, the fact that I've always been a little sluggish in attending my office meetings, was just getting worse. It is not because I am lazy or something, but it is just that I get too worked up on anything that's going presently and I forget about everything else. Not a very bad habit to acquire, but I needed a system to lead a balanced professional life.

My designs would get approved by clients, if only I had remembered to meet them at the appointed date, or at least call them whenever needed.

After trying many popular mac Calendar apps, I realized none of them could offer a fuller experience of organizing events. The sheer number of apps in iMac store itself speaks of the deficiency of decent apps. But, it was just when I was losing hope, I stumbled upon "Desktop Calendar for Mac". And, its free edition allowed me to test it before jumping with both feet.

So, what it can do for you?

First and foremost, I was trying to move only my important entries from iCal to this one, one by one, manually. To my surprise, it synched all entries itself. The connectivity with iCal is fast and thorough. All the data gets synchronized with the help of internet. It can also integrate with Google Calendar in the same way, which helped me bring my personal events (like birthdays and anniversaries) to this one, which I added to GC a long time ago.

Another cool impression is certainly the interface. While some apps make it easy to edit or add the reminders, they tend to fall short when the database gets bigger. With each new entry, these apps overcrowd the space and it gets increasingly difficult to manage the data.

"Desktop Calendar for Mac" not only gives a clean interface, it also makes it easy to handle any number of reminders. The unique function of viewing your upcoming events separately in a new window, instead of in the assistant window itself, is priceless. You can select any period, say a month, or a week, or even every year, and click on "All reminders" which brings up a list of your entries for the corresponding period.

Moreover, not only can you view these reminders without any distraction, you can also modify any reminder directly from that list. What a relief was that for me, a user which had hundreds of entries for just couple of months. As a result, I retained my habit of full focus on the work I was currently doing, without worrying about missing any office meeting that might fall in the midst of my project.

To further enhance your management of events and data, the app allows smart filtering of upcoming events and also incomplete reminders. The search bar given at the bottom allows to search for the events fairly quickly.

That's the story of how I simplified my professional life. What's gave me a pleasant surprise was its super-click function of creating separate calendars for other areas of life. You can create multiple number of calendars for areas like 'work', 'private', 'family', etc.

Now, I no more miss my friends birthdays if I am working on a new design project. Last week, I attended all conferences, meetings with my clients, and remembered to bring present for my son on his birthday, while finishing up a design for a new building quiet efficiently.

I am not sure the precise amount of impact "Desktop Calendar for Mac" might have had on all of this, but I am pretty much sure that it had a major one.

How else could I have attended all important events I wanted to attend, without taking a focus from work and personal life?

At the end of the 30 days that the free trial version of Desktop Calendar offered me, I am now sure this is the app I will be using for a long-long time to come, and wouldn't switch to any other at all costs. Unless, there is some futuristic AI assistant that will have the world on its feet. Until then, I've got everything I wanted to make myself organized.

Don't miss it. At least, you can give it a try by downloading the free 30 day edition here. That free version makes all the features available without any locking of premium ones. Everything is open to try. Later, you can easily extend the version to lifetime by ordering the paid license.


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