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11 May 2015

When you want to make a full migration of your emails from one program to another, you definitely need a software that can make as accurate conversions as possible of your emails, so you get them safe to the other side. You should not put your messages to risk by using ineffective tools, so we present the OLM to MBOX Converter, designed by Gladwev Software. It's truly a professional program that can be used by absolutely anyone.

By using the software to transfer Outlook OLM to Mac Mail MBOX, you get a faithful conversion and your emails will be transported in just a few minutes. The best part about this program is the friendly user interface that makes it extremely easy to use and there is no such thing as data loss. However, the OLM to Mbox Converter makes such a great job because it has the right features for the task.

You can export all the content from your account in Outlook for Mac 2011 into Apple Mail with just a few clicks. Conversions are fast and all the emails are processed at the same time, no matter how many they are. The size of your OLM file is not an issue and the program will move any number of email messages.

Transfer all your contacts and social calendar along with the rest of the data. You can also import items in Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Postbox or Thunderbird. The software provides multiple options for users. In large enterprises, people might need more email platforms to use and they only need this converter for meeting all their demands.

Moreover, OLM data can be converted into MBOX or EML file formats. Any email application that is compatible with one of these extensions can be your next email program for a long time.

When you have speed and size assured, there is still the aspect of data integrity that might concern you. Regular programs lack many critical elements, so they usually can't handle something so important. So, the OLM to Mbox Converter remains your best option. It guarantees that all your data will be moved in complete safety and there will not be errors or bugs left to endanger any piece of information. This means that the whole process will be smooth and your data is kept intact.

For people who use languages other than English, there is Unicode support for keeping everything in an impeccable state. Characters from any language will be correctly converted and languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic will be in complete order after the conversion.

The messages that have files attached are certainly on your list of things to transfer and you don't want to lose anything. That's why the program was developed to take care of everything. It is highly capable to detect all the files and email properties; therefore all the attachments will stick to your emails. There are 0% chances to lose files or to get corrupted documents. Once again, the type and the size of your files are not important. The program is extremely capable of moving as much data as you have.

If you don't think you can transfer Outlook OLM to Mac Mail MBOX or EML formats, don't worry for a second because there are instructions for each step of the process. Another advantage is the demo version that can be downloaded for free and you can use that to see exactly how this program works and how good it really is.

When you see the converted messages, you will be glad the OLM to Mbox Converter was the choice you made. Get all the advantages right now with the full license and make a full transfer of emails within minutes.


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