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28 Apr 2015

I was a student when I received a free MacBook Pro through a student aid educational program. I`ve been using Outlook for Mac for several years now and have thousands of important emails, not to mention my calendar items and contacts.

I have spent an awful lot of time researching for a way to export from Outlook (olm) to Apple Mail (mbox) but I had no success. I’ve seen someone recommending this software on a forum.  I’ve read many reviews that presented this program as an easy to use and versatile tool.

I had my doubts of course; a high price does not necessarily mean guaranteed quality. To my surprise OLM Converter Pro was available as a demo version. I could actually test what were all these people telling me about. The free version lets you convert up to 10 mails so I exported mails from outlook olm format to apple mail mbox. The process was over in virtually no time. It did a really good job emails so I though converting 10,000 mails won’t really be a problem. The emails were kept 100% intact. The OLM Converter Pro website guaranteed in their description of the soft keeps my attachments in perfect condition.

They also said that it has a great way to preserve non-English characters. My native language is Greek; even though I study abroad I still have a large intake of Greek emails and they are important to me. I often receive pictures and short films from my family or friends and the software exported those flawlessly. The language and attachments were kept perfectly intact. I tried several cheap softs before and they could barely convert my email messages. The Greek ones were basically unreadable and the attachments, calendars and contacts were not exported at all. The only reason I had to think about was the price. Eventually I realized that this is my best choice and after I tried the converter at its full potential all my doubts and possible regrets vanished. It worked flawlessly. I converted over 7000 mails in less than 7 minutes. Since I use Outlook most of my mails are olm so I exported them for Apple Mail as mbox.


  • The conversion happens amazingly fast

  • The integrity of the message is fully maintained

  • The attachments is kept in perfect condition

  • The foreign language feature works virtually perfect

  • The composition of the mail was preserved in perfect order and form

  • Demo version

  • Really easy to use

  • Has a lot of tools you can use it a lot of ways Cons:

  • High price for a student

  • The versatility may pose as a problem for those less experienced

As a conclusion I am really happy about my purchase. It did what I promised maybe even more. I was skeptic at the beginning since it’s so hard to find a way to do the job properly. It felt like there was no actual way to do it. Even if you don’t feel convinced by reviews or the description you can still check out for yourself by using the demo version which will allow you to test every single feature but with a limit of 10 conversions. I recommend it and I will recommend it to everyone I meet and has problems exporting outlook olm to apple mail mbox.


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